Inside Out


Bags: Inside Out is the most comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the ultimate accessory.

With an exclusive look inside the world of the factory and atelier, this exhibition explores our longstanding fascination with the bag, from designer handbags to despatch boxes, vanity cases to military rucksacks. Featuring innovative designs from Mulberry to Karl Lagerfeld, bags carried by Jane Birkin to Sarah Jessica Parker, the heritage of Hermès to the streetwear of Off-White, and an exclusive look inside the world of the factory and atelier.

The exhibition explores the function, status and craftmanship of bags. Examined through around 300 objects varying in scale from tiny purses held on a fingertip to luxurious travel trunks, this thematic exhibition curated by Lucia Savi is a production of the Victoria and Albert Museum and explores the worldwide heritage of these covetable objects from the 16th century to today. Modemuseum Hasselt enriches this story with a Belgian dimension by adding valuable pieces from its own collection.